where to post my newest version krpg map?

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where to post my newest version krpg map?

Post by daiti »

I want give the community my newest untranslated version of a krpg before I translate it again! its alot of work and I cant fix all the bugs! I thought I could manually translating it from the basic source code but that only fixes weapon equip bug haha! and probably a few others.. got carried away there and uploaded it to epicwar as usual!

also epicwar sometimes doesnt let me upload my newest version krpg maps that my friend from m16 server/cafe gave me! those maps so far were expedition/duncreed which had a good launch at start but died within a week lol! only knight errant which I found on w3reforged worked out well.. and I didnt think it would, but translated it for them anyways! tested that weapon bug wasnt in original korean ver and tested it from there, glad it worked! made some other progress translating it as well, heh. still an old map version though, lol! 555!+

anyways.. I want a more stable/progression launch with my translated maps like with maybe knight errant! I did it having 0 friends on my friends list at the time! I added everyone recent already! thats why I was abit crazy lol! not to mention people are way to busy nowadays! even if I did things normally would take 3-5 days for my newest version of maps get any publicity! im sort of glad but at the same time would like progress because I know sooner or later people will get 'desperate' for krpg maps translated and not something I really want! just annoys me, well less demand for them now least from me so thats great! im only focusing on development now why im acting so mean/unfriendly!

I saw that you didnt change my save/load system while editing my map devoltz but I was glad, I never received encouragement so not used to it! only way I could do something is if/when people hate me! else is way to boring talking about game all time! what a curse I have! haha! 555!+

anyways to not go off-topic, ill add you devoltz if thats really you.. if I still have the map version for that replay! Camroc from naruto refo said they might not be admin of naruto refo so I was abit skeptical meeting you on bnet! I didnt even know you would join.. and my community doesnt really talk game issues at the time.

I do fine building a community in chat group/ingame as a coder/translator though! most others have no clue how to! I mean I basically translate/code while being ingame lol! this is exactly how they do it and profit off of it! im sure! heh!

maybe is just better delete my account/post here and meet me ingame again heh! just needed some time off! my mom getting sick sometimes to, so I have take care of myself else more burden on her! so just doing what I can here! could be for my own safety to here, I get way to personal heh!

random translators always give me newest versions of krpgs all the time! most of them were playable in single player/cheatable/hackable/host bugged/etc! why is a risk for me even translating those maps.. haha!

so much talk about..!!


so thought you guys were mad at me and deleted my post because I didnt see my name in Tutorials & Cheatpacks, but I remember I posted in Warcraft Discussion! what a nab I am! I thought I was banned already for this forum post.. haha!


anyways ill check this every hour! I dont care if you hate me devoltz but please dont make me feel guilty about it! already had enough of that ingame.. I just published a map with author NotDatai and didnt know people would take it so seriously.. was new version of easy krpg heh! they told me I was a parasite to the rpg community! im surprised they didnt even mention late/end game or hardcore bossing! well not going to let them get the best of me! It was true I could of seeked your help to fix my fate s88 map but wasnt worth it for me! I was fine you stole that map! even my friend avoids anime girl krpgs! he is Nekrologia if know him! met him from BAW! he is a big fan of your krpg Ekrai though heh! at first he was investigating with me on it! than I helped him find Digimon World from dev Nazujin! Nazujin came to my game lobby, helped me with some bosses than told me join his discord which I did but im not comfortable with it for personal reasons! bnet/chat group pride FTW! aahsahs! 555!+


im not going to let the same thing happen in #VCSA, #CSUF, #Fullerton, #CA, #America! its been 16 years! if people still want make me guilty over it.. thats on them! heh! sorry for getting personal but these real life issues I really cant talk to my people about it just yet! I wasnt even free before! the only way this guy got power was he was a rich asian/viet and had access to make videos easily! and he took advantage of that with me! the influence over others heh! I couldnt break free from him because family was desperate for him.. thinking that he would help me so much.. it was so global homo/jew/pathetic honestly! why did I keep it in all these years..!!

sometimes you have to consider your sanity over a warn/ban on forums haha! bad relationship really! and I knew many were fake in gaming communities! Ive been backstabbed many times just as a hoster..!! exact reason why im just giving you my newest original korean map versions in advance! you deal with them as customers! I am only interested in impressing my friends/fans with my own translations! not corporate/enterprise translations/update/etc! heh!


sorry im abandoning this post (I gave it an hour! no one replied so they dont care/want it from me so much as I thought they did! im glad! I did it out of good grace! for good community relations! just incase!), find me hosting my translated krpgs on bnet! I gave the community immediate attention just incase! so they cant complain later that I didnt! If I delay it a day/week/month/year/etc they will just make me feel guilty! now they cant because I gave them the immediate attention they crave so much from me and now they are like an extinct species! thanks to the 8 viewers my 'sad song'/'sad story' ahahs! 555!+ see you in-game devoltz! im getting better at it now! got focus on really building my end game bossing community and translation updates! also maybe some coding updates for them.. but for that I would need some hacked maps for it.. if only I knew where to actually look! oh well! im more interested in promoting than anything else! haha!
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Re: where to post my newest version krpg map?

Post by Vegas »

I'm sure nobody is ignoring you, we just don't have a lot of members that are looking for this map, in particular uncheated. It's also a long weekend in N.A. so most people are out and about. Honestly I only skimmed through your post and really don't know what the hell you're talking about.

If you want to add some cheats you can post it in the fulfilled section.
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