Compress MPQ after replacing files

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Compress MPQ after replacing files

Post by rossoliny »


I know that size of the map never goes down when I delete or replace files in MPQ.
My question is what are the ways to optimize space after deleting/replacing files from MPQ archive?

I've tries Vexorians oprimizer 5.0 but it says that could not find script file.
Tried Ladiks's MPQ Editor to compress, but it failed with no explanations.
Found some tool in the web Compress.exe but it fails with "Insufficient listfile"
Also tried FaMPQ Import Fixer it finishes the job, but map does not work, WC3 crashes with memory access vialation.
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Re: Compress MPQ after replacing files

Post by 3nemy_ »

You can try MPQ Master flush to get near identical size to original file.
Or you can try to convert the map to SLK with W3x2Lni which can reduce size quite a lot however it may break the map so play around with options.

MPQ Editor requires full listfile to compress archive while Master doesn't so compact flush is better.
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