General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

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These all apply within the forums, and, despite the topic name, the chat as well (where applicable):

- Only one account per person is permitted, if you need to create another one ask one of the admins first.

- All messages must be in English.

- Do not discuss illegal activities. This site is hosted in France, so don't break the French law! And if you don't know if something is illegal or not, ask an admin. This includes posting links to warez.

- Check that your question has not been answered anywhere else on the site by using the Search function.

- Post in the most appropriate place, and not as PMs. Posts found to be in the wrong forum will be moved, and do not post the same thread/post to multiple sections. PMs that would be better suited to forum threads (requests, random technical questions, etc.) are also not allowed.

- If your topic gets moved to the Trash, you're not allowed to repost it without improving it, because it broke at least one of the rules.

- Any posts deemed to be self promotion, advertising, or spam can and will be removed. NO SPAM - NO ADVERTISING eg. Posting and making excessive, inappropriate and unnecessary references to your products and websites is self promotion. You may put links into your signature, however, if you get permission from an admin.

- Do not raise dead threads, unless you have something more to add to the topics, or are asking a question related to the topic. If the topic is an "Important" topic, sticky, or an announcement, (though these are likely to be locked), you may post regardless of date. Other than that, don't post!

- Don't double post, use the edit button. Only double post, (or more, if needed), if you have a good reason, such as if you need to update a topic so people can see something's changed.

- Only bump topics that have been inactive for more than five days. This applies to both your own topics as well as other people's. Posts that add nothing to the topic will be counted as bumps, so post accordingly. Thank you posts are the only exception to this rule.

- No excessive BBCode, (colors, flashing text, spoilers, images, etc), capitals, and whatever else.; Don't use them for every single word you're typing, only use it make a word(s) stand out, or substitute images for it.

- No adult-oriented or pornographic images, signatures, avatars, links, text, etc. Additionally, animated or otherwise annoying images should be kept to a minimum.

- Your signature must be a size whereas it's not too big too be annoying, and not long enough to make it so your window, (maximized), creates a little scroll bar at the bottom to go to the right. You can, however, have as much as you want within a spoiler...within reasonable limits.

- No insulting, or flaming, or trolling other members.

- No links to malicious sites, (including unclosable pages), or things that nobody wants to see, (scare pages, rickrolls, or otherwise stupid sites, etc).

- Listen to staff members. If, whatever reason, they don't follow a rule or enforce a rule, or enforce something that is not a rule, take it up with someone else besides them if necessary.

If you see anyone breaking any of these rules, you may report it via the red little button that you can find at the bottom right of every post: Image
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