[GUIDE] How To Deprotect Any Map

Cheatpacks and learning how to use them, as well as other guides for manipulating maps.

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Re: [GUIDE] How To Deprotect Any Map

Post by Vegas »

tanurog2 wrote: May 18th, 2024, 9:10 am
I try every possible method to deprotect or rebuild MPQ but still unable open it, whoever can try it?
map owner already give up this map and say it will share the opensource version but never happen, so i maybe try to deprotect it
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Saves and Works on 1.27. I never tried it on other versions.
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Re: [GUIDE] How To Deprotect Any Map

Post by Azzlaer »

Hello ! I am new to the forum and I am learning little by little since the guides are in English and I am a Spanish speaker, but I still understand reading English but it is difficult for me to speak it, but the guides are easy to understand English, only the steps to It is difficult for me to continue, but I am writing this topic to learn more about how to unprotect maps, since there are many abandoned maps in EpicWar and I would like to start seeing the codes of the other maps to study more how they were programmed in GUI and JASS.
If you have any method on how to unprotect maps that is not written in this forum, could you give me a guide?
I am 34 years old and I have been playing WC3 1.27b with friends on my PVPGN server for almost 2 years, but now we are looking at developing maps and/or improving maps that are already open.
Thank you Vegas :)
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Re: [GUIDE] How To Deprotect Any Map

Post by Satobi46 »

I just wanted to deprotect warcraft 3 Dota 1 map from 15-20 years ago and use it only for singleplayer use, but it just doesn't work.
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