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Post by XeroX »

Watch How MIRACLE Outplayed DENDI and BADMAN 8) 8)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JBfBPa3dCY&t

Just Sit and Watch

have a good day!
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Re: [Dota2]

Post by haxorico »

as some one who has more hours than MMR in DotA 2, I really don't understand what is going on.
I guess it was because of how he used his Q to counter necro's ult and then when jugg used his ult to escape / chase down BH...
Then he ran away?
Maybe I am tired or maybe the video is in like 20 FPS but I don't really understand what is going on
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Re: [Dota2]

Post by UndeadxAssassin »

Pretty much just insane reaction speed time with the Q and then juking ability. It's meh, not that impressive. Dendi and Badman aren't close to his level so it's not really surprising.
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Re: [Dota2]

Post by Apple »

jugg counter necro that's sort of normal, he just react fast spamming the q for counter and the boots for escape, getting a kill on bh while sf is killing qop and supp, then escape with jungle for fog as always. not very impressive.
He reacted fast when slardar stunned the 2 heroes and ultied with his remaining 300hp? he could have died immediately if the ice path hit him. lucky bich.
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Re: [Dota2]

Post by Artas »

I used to love playing Dota. But when I started playing WoW I forgot about Dota. But if you have time, I'm ready to play in good company. In addition, I found a great way to pump my skills and abilities. I assure you that it will be interesting
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