This Covid bullshit.

Grampa Simpson said it right. Got something to bitch about, do it here. NO FLAMING. This area is to let off some steam.
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Re: This Covid bullshit.

Post by KachaL »

This virus has killed some of my friends. :(
And it also caused my staff and me to lose our monthly income. :sad:

My Game Center has been closed for two months.
While my friends and I love to play Warcraft in GameCenter, this damn virus doesn't allow us to :-x
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Re: This Covid bullshit.

Post by Bartimaeus »

One of my sisters got it pretty early and had a fever for about 10 days, coughing and hacking for several weeks now. Surviving, though. I hadn't seen her since a month before that, so no risk for myself fortunately.
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Re: This Covid bullshit.

Post by EMT »

I hope that this epidemic passes quickly, and we can turn over a new leaf.
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Re: This Covid bullshit.

Post by Ptech »

In regards to taiwan understand W.H.O's predicament, they are an non-profit organization who's member are only on a VOLONTEER BASE, no one can force the WHO to be in a country of someone else as it would break their sovrenty, the agreement for China to be in the W.H.O and give them access to their info, stats, hospital , patients, samples etc, is on condition that Taiwan may not be allowed to be considered as its own soverng country, Again you want to Complain about WHO a non profit organization with no power and all on the line , that does not support taiwan as a country... FFS the USA doesnt recognize taiwan as a country so yeah , #1 country wont as they would lose too much, what do you think the WHO can do, dude do your research on the amazing work that the WHO has done over the years before saying this this is B.s learn about the history before just saying shit like that.

the W.H.O is what keeps this fucking world from crumbling.

Easy to be a critic but go do their job with their hair tin budjet and we will talk aagain
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