A Guide to Warning Levels

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A Guide to Warning Levels

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Warnings Explanation:

1. Warnings are essentially just that - warnings. When you break one of the rules, a warning can be given to you, which usually links to the offending post and either tells you what you did wrong directly in the warning message itself, (shown to you as a private message), or, alternatively, the staff member giving out the warning might post in the topic explaining if not.

2. If neither of those two things happen, (or if you feel the warning wasn't deserved - be sure that you did not break the rules if you decide on pursuing this, however, as harassing staff members over given warnings may just end up with you receiving more), you may ask or take it up with a staff member, with administrators (red users) being generally the best choices.

3. Warnings expire in 90 days, though the text explaining and marking the warning will remain permanently for moderators to see, (unless stricken by an administrator - which is unlikely to happen unless the warning is considered unjustified).

4. Newcomers will generally receive a little leeway - not creating a request properly, not posting in the correct section, etc., usually will be given a verbal warning to begin with, and then hopefully a little help by the moderating staff member for correcting the problem(s), as well. If in doubt, consult the rules.

5. Please note, however, that bans do not necessarily follow the following table, as not all rules are equal, and consequently, not all warnings and punishments for bad behavior are necessarily, either. Users displaying truly horrid behavior will probably be given a permanent ban immediately...but if your infractions are the small, more normal kind, (posting requests in the wrong section multiple times, small-time advertising, etc.), they should hopefully follow this guide, and consequently, you should be okay if you're willing to correct mistakes.

Warning Guide:

1. 3 Warnings: 3 Day Ban
2. 5 Warnings: 7 Day Ban
3. 7 Warnings: 10 Day Ban
4. 10 Warnings: Permanent Ban