[saio's CP] Version 4.4 - Public Activator optimized
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Author:  saio [ May 1st, 2020, 1:33 am ]
Post subject:  [saio's CP] Version 4.4 - Public Activator optimized

Well finaly here's my cheat pack - first official public release
Optimized thanks to owner123 and his Post subject: JAST

To use :
Activator: (<SPACE>X3)saio GIVE ME POWER!!!(<SPACE>X3)

Than after you see the version of the cheat pack (4.2) for number of players (24) to be exact 4.2 - 24 quest massage just press ESC key...

The only tiping commands are the numbers of modifying hero lvl,agi,str,int to do that just select Modify>Hero>Level -select the hero and tipe in only the number of the level,it set the level automaticaly whidowt lvl-up graphics.
EXAMPLE: Modify>Hero>Level -select the hero > say in chat 5 >Sets lvl of hero to 5

To Steal Items : Extra Hot>Steal Items -than Click the hero that has the items and click the hero that must receave them.

The Advantage of the Cheatpack is that for now its only known in that site,and its hard for other players to find out that your cheating becose your not tiping anithing.

Also it bupasses most anticheat triggerts.

Also There Are All Basic CP Functions + Extra
theleport on patrol,gold,wood,instant reserch,stealing items,visions (however dont see invisible units just removes fog,etc...),Copy(set you as owner of the new unit),and many more

Have Fun Cheating Whit IT!

Edit:Minor Fixes Updated 4.2>4.3

Edit: Update 4.4
added Whosyourdaddy in Extra hot >>>> DOESNT WORK(STACK) WHIT SPLASH ABBILITY
Optimized public Activator so it works better
Some more Optimizations

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