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Author:  UndeadxAssassin [ December 10th, 2009, 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  [GUIDE] How To Get RAWCodes

Most of you are probably a user of JJ's cheatpack and I'm sure the majority of you can even insert it yourself. But how many of you use the -spawn command and don't know what it does? Well, here's your chance!


How to obtain RAWCodes:

Tools needed:



Step 1: Opening the map

Open up the map you want the RAWCodes for in RMPQEx. This can be done with the "Browse" button. Hit the "Browse" button, shown in red, and find the map you are looking for. Then hit the "Open" button, shown in blue. For this example, I shall open the RAWCodes for Eclipse ORPG.


After opening the map, you should see something like this:


Step 1.5 (optional): Adding listfiles/finding the unknowns

Depending on what you want to extract, you might need to add another listfile in order to view all (or most) of the unknowns (ex: Extracting skins). You can download the listfile found in the attachments if you wish to do so (You might need 7zip to uncompress. It's free, don't worry).

As you can see in the picture, the green checks are the files that are known, while the yellow ! (exclamation points) are the ones that are unknown. To get a RAWCode you wouldn't need these often (I can't think of a time where you would, actually). But if you want to add it, hit auto search (in red) and then hit Add Listfile (in blue) and select the listfile you want to add. Auto search searches through WC3's defaults and sees if it can find anything and add listfile searches through your listfile to see if it can find matches.


After you add the listfile, you should see a message that says "x filenames added. Y (out of Z) filenames are unknown." Or something along those lines. Sometimes you might get "No filenames added" which means your listfile doesn't have those.


Step 2: Extracting the codes

If you want to get RAW Codes, click on "Dump Object Data" (in red).

A popup window should come up asking you what you want to extract. I should also mention that it will extract to the place where it says "Extract to:" (in red). If you want to change that location, hit the Browse button (in blue) before you click on the "Dump Object Data". Also, make sure that the "WC3 Path" box is pointing to your Warcraft 3 directory - otherwise this will not work.

Check the files that you want to be extracted. There are 8 choices to choose from:

Unit Data: This is the unit data. Use this with -spawn to summon units and heroes.

Item Data: This is the item data. Use this with -spawn to summon items.

Destructible Data (RMPQ spells it wrong o_o): These are the destructibles, like gates and barrels. I've never personally used these before, so I assume -spawn would do the trick. Anyone like to test and tell me?

Doodad Data: These are other doodads that can't be attacked, such as lamp posts, fences, etc..I've also never used these before, but I assume -spawn works for these, too. Anyone wanna test this, too?

Ability Data: These are the spells (abilities) that a hero can learn. Use -add to add these to your hero. I do not know if you can add spells to creeps. Another test?

Buff Data: These are buffs, like stunned, poisoned, unholy frenzied, etc... The buffs are the little icons that show up on your status bar. I've never used these before. I don't think JJ's CP can add buffs.

Upgrade Data: These are upgrade data such as Steel Forged Swords or Increased rifle range. I've also never used these before and I don't think that JJ's CP can add these, either.

All in one File: Just like the name says: It'll make one big .txt file with all of the above-mentioned data.

Make sure that the WC3 Path is given at the top of the box before continuing. After you have chosen which ones you want to extract, hit Ok and it'll make a .txt file at the specified location in the "Extract to:" bar.
NOTE: If you already have a file under the name of "items", "abilities", "units", "buffs", "doodads", "upgrades", etc... it will overwrite the data without asking you. Normally you would want this unless you are strange and titled one of your personal masterpieces as "items". So be wary of that.

I don't think you need a picture to show where the Ok button is...


For those of you who want to extract skins, you need to look at the big list where the green checks and yellow exclamation points are. If your skin is a custom one, you would need to scroll until you find a bunch of filenames that have "war3mapImported\" and find the filename that you think is the one you're looking for. Right click -> Extract. It will extract to the same location as stated above and be inside a folder named "war3mapImported"


Step 3: Interpreting the data.

When you have extracted it, open it up (the extracted name should be quite obvious. The item data will be named "items" and ability data will be named "abilities". Use your imagination to find the one you're looking for) and you should see something like this.
Please note that I have deleted a few lines of the data so that you can see more than one code on one 'page'.

This part is probably where most people will have the most trouble. How do you read RAW Codes?

It's actually quite simple. I will use an example from the first item in Eclipse's Raw Code sheet.

comment=Crown of Kings +5
Name=Crown of Kings +5
Tip=Purchase Crown of |cffffcc00K|rings
Ubertip="Increases the Strength, Intelligence, and Agility of the Hero by 5 when worn."
Description="Provides a +5 bonus to Agility, Strength, and Intelligence."

As you can see from the "Name" it's a Crown of Kings +5. The item code for it is ALL THE WAY UP to the letters in the brackets above the "Comment"
Ignore the comments, most of the time they will be blank, anyway. The Name is what gives you the item name (duh). So the raw code for Crown of Kings +5 is

To use:
1. Highlight the spot where you want it to drop (Meaning click on a unit or building).
2. Type -spawn ckng
3. Pick it up.
4. Laugh.
5. Repeat.

Please note that if you do not do step 4, it will EVENTUALLY hate you and NEVER WORK ANYMORE! ;-)

EDIT: I should also mention that you will see RAW Codes for custom items will start with I0 (usually). This is a Capital i and the number zero (0).

Abilities work the same way, except you would need to use -add and highlight (or select) your hero (or unit/creeps if it works on them). To increase the level, you'd need to do -add (ability code) (level).
If you want to spawn anything else, you need to highlight (select) the place where you want it to be spawned. This does NOT mean that if you make a green box with your cursor and type in -spawn xxxx, a barrel will pop out. You need to move your hero or unit to the spot you want it to be summoned and type -spawn xxxx.

Extra RAWCodes (default ones) can be found here! Credits to JJ for this list.


That's it! You're done!


Thanks to d07.RiV for his RMPQex program.
Thanks to JJ2197 for his cheatpack.
Thanks to Dekar for this website!
Thanks to Paint for obvious reasons.
And thanks to me! Cuz I'm cool like that.

Author:  Kelvingts [ December 11th, 2009, 5:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

Nice guide. I suggest u use "[line] [/line]" instead of ---------------- .

Author:  UndeadxAssassin [ December 11th, 2009, 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

The dashed lines are prettier and I can make them be as long as I want them to be.

Author:  Kelvingts [ December 11th, 2009, 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

UndeadxAssassin wrote:
The dashed lines are prettier and I can make them be as long as I want them to be.

Good for you, I think i do that for my guide too. Thanks for the suggestion.

Author:  jovinusvz [ April 18th, 2010, 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

erm sorry but can anyone give me the codes for all chars? i cant do it,i followed it closely but stil... useless ): if possible send it to my email:D thanks alot. jovinus_dinosaur@hotmail.com

Author:  jovinusvz [ April 19th, 2010, 11:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

i did all the steps but all i got was the text file of units and abilities with nothing inside.

Author:  haxorico [ April 19th, 2010, 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

1) ever used the edit button? dont double post wait 5 days...
2) how much you wanna bet that you browse for the map yet didnt click the big OPEN button?

Author:  jovinusvz [ April 19th, 2010, 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

I clicked open, fyi :D

Author:  UndeadxAssassin [ April 19th, 2010, 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

Read the guide, I linked to a bunch of the default codes JJ posted somewhere in there.

Author:  Speedy1515 [ May 8th, 2010, 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] How to get RAWCodes

I have the same problem as jovinusvz. I followed the guide to the letter and every single text file I ended up with was blank. What am I doing wrong?

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