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Author:  GRIFFITH [ August 27th, 2023, 5:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Berserk manga

Yo guys im new here, i've been editing and doing stuff with models on and off for more than 10 years and since this month im right back at it inspired after reading Berserk lol i wanted to kind of continue the unfinished story inside wc3 (sounds weird i know lol) anyways there don't seem to be many models but i know for a fact when i was active on my old pc i had hundreds of random models laying around, just cause they were high quality. To cut to the chase i got a Top tier Guts and thats all i've been able to find in the "modern" maps, i just cant see to find any models at all while i do know they exist and im aware there was some all berserk map back in 2008-ish.. been lurking all around cant seem to find it. Managed to make my own Griffith, Femto and Zodd by finding the most similar looking mods, trimming them with a mod editor and putting my own textures (did i mention i draw very well lol) ... If any of you happen to posses any Berserk models, especially Skullknight, Void, Puck, Schierke or actual Zodd (not satisfied with mine since the original kinda sucked so i didnt have much to work with) i'll literally suc... umm be very thankful
tldr: Need Berserk models, please help :)

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