War of Races v0.88b People accused for cheating and banned??
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Author:  1337h4x0r [ September 13th, 2022, 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  War of Races v0.88b People accused for cheating and banned??

Sooooo guys there have been a huge debate over people who are randomly pointed out and falsely accused of being hackers in a map named War of Races v0.88b
after I removed RuggadOne's name from the banlist (he didn't hack in the 1st place) he added a new line to his war3map.j file
named something like this example: if StringHash(eV[GetPlayerId(GetEnumPlayer())+1])==$919ae0f5
$919ae0f5 wich I guess is for RuggadOne wich is my friend on bnet and wc3 I guess. He then made a new map named something like WoR v0.88b~1(link below) wich makes this message pop up: call DisplayTimedTextToForce(bj_FORCE_ALL_PLAYERS,100000000.,GetPlayerName(GetEnumPlayer())+"|cFFFFCC00 is a Hacker!|r|cFFFFFFFF This player is in official blacklist. Official blacklist is only for map hackers. Beware, this map is probably deprotected and hack injected. |rAs Author, I would suggest you to never play with this host anymore and don't let them spread hacked versions around.|r")
call PauseGame(true)
and everytime I put some random letters like "asd" into those encrypted names it keeps canceling the map everytime I try to host. Can you please remove these mapbans and donator-bonus from people and remove tips and ban Uyarrr#9075/uyarrr#2337 himself because this is not fair he goes under many names also JamesBond and he uses other account to hack his own map aswell please this has to stop.

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