Back playing war3, the hooker I always come back to.
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Author:  t_newel [ January 18th, 2018, 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Back playing war3, the hooker I always come back to.

So this is my favorite site to keep up to date on all that's good in warcraft 3 and jass. I bet everyone here is still out there chilling and making money!

I'm curious about some stuff like how map protection and such has evolved over the past 6 or so years? I've been reading up on some Korean/Russian protections like header corruption and such?
Are people still making amazing maps for war3 cause I know no one is making them for sc2.

Do you people even play warcraft still or like do you just read jass and help people cheat in custom maps! Tell me your stories!

Are there any new War3map.j tricks I should know about?

Are bots checking for cheats now?

Is there anyone making new cheat packs?

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