How to properly edit the War3map.j file?

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How to properly edit the War3map.j file?

Post by BEN-HUR. »

I'm new to map editing. I just started with this map and successfully edited some widgetized files without any drawbacks. But for some reason I can't just edit the War3map.j file. Even if I re-add the file without editing it, Warcraft 3 no longer runs the map. Is there something I am missing/skipping before editing this file? I am using Ladik's MPQ Editor and default Notepad.
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Re: How to properly edit the War3map.j file?

Post by Mescadude »

Use MPQEditor
Extract war3map.j
Add cheatpacks to ^ with jasscraft.
Save war3map.j.
Go to MPQEditor and replace the war3map.j with the one you just edited.

Some maps has protections etc.
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Re: How to properly edit the War3map.j file?

Post by 3nemy_ »

I recommend using MPQ Master for protected maps. It's old and lacks many features MPQ Editor has but it can open anything I throw at it and replace files.
With MPQE you have to rebuild map just to deal with read-only tag.
There's also modified MPQE which lets you replace files in read-only maps, look it up on forums.
Some maps also have more extreme MPQ protection and only way to remove it is to unhex it.
Another plus for Master is its compact flush option is far better than Editor's compact archive, you can reduce filesize to almost identical ~10KB difference if you care about that.
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