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1 question

Post by redstormer »

Why are some of the people doing others and ignoring my request i feel offended
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Re: 1 question

Post by UndeadxAssassin »

You know what I hate? People like you who are offended by the fact that no one is doing your request. Are you aware that there are 12 requests BELOW yours? This means that they requested FIRST. Or are you one of those people where the world has to revolve around you? Get a life and be patient. If you're offended then learn to cheat your own maps. Not only that, but people are cheating maps for you out of their own free will. We don't make anyone cheat maps. As such, they can choose whatever they want to cheat.

Still offended?
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Re: 1 question

Post by Lanaya »

That's pretty blunt -_-
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Re: 1 question

Post by owner123 »

Oh, and I just checked it. Your request was fulfilled.
Look at earliest post of his to see his request
Fulfilled like 1 hour after you posted.. You really weren't kept waiting long. And yeah, just be patient.
@lanaya. I guess its kinda blunt, but its true though.
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Re: 1 question

Post by Bartimaeus »

I nearly feel like banning him for saying this after less than an hour after he requested it.
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Re: 1 question

Post by Vegas »

Bartimaeus wrote:I nearly feel like banning him for saying this after less than an hour after he requested it.

That, and at 6:00PM. Doesnt he know you shouldnt hack a map at least a half hour after eating? :?
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Re: 1 question

Post by Bushido »

If it was me, I would trash his request or let him wait 11 days and then fulfill his request.
(I'm evil, I know)
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Re: 1 question

Post by initialD »

redstormer wrote:Why are some of the people doing others and ignoring my request i feel offended

Because you touch yourself at nights.
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