JAST 1.1.3

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Re: JAST 1.1.3

Post by thanhdungne »

i can't open this file you can help me?
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Re: JAST 1.1.3

Post by eddydu555 »

rename function wont rename functions that get called like this for exemple:
call funcName()

scrambler ignores local variables


add hex code

add extreme minify code which removes spaces that come before "then" and spaces before and after == & = etc

this is minified code
if not ((IsUnitType(GetTriggerUnit(),UNIT_TYPE_SUMMONED) == false)) then

extreme minified code would look like this
if not((IsUnitType(GetTriggerUnit(),UNIT_TYPE_SUMMONED)==false))then

add custom name activator and custom arrowkey activator with the option to tick/untick the types of activator you'd like to use

make it possible to add more than one activator of each kind (for exemple 3 different text activator and 2 name activators and 1 arrowkey activator)

make it possible to decide how much of those activators have to be used in order to enable cheats (for exemple it could be either type both text activators -A and -B or just input 1 arrowkey activator or just type text activator -C or just have the right name)

make it possible to do the above & set name/text/arrow activators for custom cheatpacks aka "Select file..." by making a template that have to be used in the custom cheatpack, for exemple the text activator spot should be name JASTActivatorHere1 in the custom cheatpack and the program would just search for it and replace it, same for name activators just put something like JASTNameActHere1 where the custom cp's name act should be and the program will replace that,

making the "multiple activators required in order to use cheats" system from above work with custom cp would be tricky but it could be done
for exemple put the following in custom cp: "set IsThisActRequired[1] = JASTBooleanHere1" and ticking/unticking in the program will set JASTBooleanHere1 to true/false
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Re: JAST 1.1.3

Post by [NtP]NtP »

mmm i get this when i try open it

Code: Select all

Could not find the main class: cli.launcher. Program will exit.
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Re: JAST 1.1.3

Post by devoltz »

[NtP]NtP wrote:mmm i get this when i try open it

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Could not find the main class: cli.launcher. Program will exit.
Try running it through cmd

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java -jar jast.jar
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