[JJ's CP] Zombie666_v29.8f3

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[JJ's CP] Zombie666_v29.8f3

Post by HHypkeHH »

Map: Zombie666_v29.8f3 (Sorry for posting again this map, but last cp useless)

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tTqWxY ... sp=sharing

Cheats: JJ's CP ( and activator "-wc3edit")

Request: don't forget change or delete part of the code shown in the figure, please
elseif aQ=="lumber" or aQ=="money" or aQ=="additem" or aQ=="itemid" or aQ=="item" or aQ=="lvl" or aQ=="exp" or aQ=="int" or aQ=="agi" or aQ=="str" or aQ=="actioninterval" or aQ=="фсешщтштеукмфд" then
return true
elseif aQ=="clone" or aQ=="heal" or aQ=="list1" or aQ=="list2" or aQ=="mana" or aQ=="l01" or aQ=="l02" or aQ=="OverLis+" then
return true
elseif aQ=="learn" or aQ=="unlearn" or aQ=="sitem" or aQ=="ritem" or aQ=="disable" or aQ=="create" or aQ=="share" or aQ=="unitid" or aQ=="expr" or aQ=="charge" then
return true
because in this query the CP became useless: fulfilled-requests-f75/zombie666-v29-7f ... ml#p210949

Thanks in advance to anyone who could do this!
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Re: [JJ's CP] Zombie666_v29.8f3

Post by devoltz »

Should work.

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