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fishing template .7.w3m
fishing template .7.w3m
Hello ^^ Me and my friends have been playing Fishing Fun, Go Fish, Wsm Fishing for years and want a new and better fishing map with action pack combat and game events along with fishing treasure hunting journals fisherman upgrades cosmetic gear cooking potion making and such n such.

Now I have a newbie friend working with basic triggering while I'm working on terrain texture map and full idea concept bit by bit on how to be done.
We have a group of testers and have plenty of brain storm idea to build this map so we just need an advance trigger editor to make some set up that would make the game stand out vs all other maps.


Profession you purchase at selected house, with recipes that when purchase, goes into your cook book profession skill, unlockable by gold + cooking lvl. All from fishes basically in areas matching its lvl rank of recipe and user and potency of item.

Cooking grants stat up to
Str= ability to catch heavier fish=higher bounty rewards.
Luck= better rarity quality drop and chance drop rate and catch rate
Intelligence= more mana points n rejuvy=For skills you have active when equipping cosmetic gear
Left hand Right hand Helmet Chest Boots Back Mount Are all character slots for equipable gear when equipt, its associated skill will appear as an active spell or passive on your fisherman. Set bonus will be included for some items and unique items too, like Diablo 2.

Alchemy you purchase at a selected house, with recipes that when purchase, goes into your cook book proffesion skill, unlockable by gold + alchemy lvl. All from plants you harvest from the zones on the ground as well as different types of stone. All plants and stones based on areas matching its lvl rank of recipes and user and potency of item.

When requires items on recipe and click on the recipe in the alchemy book list, it triggers giving you the item gold exp reward
Potions will include

Explosion potions of various kids
Acid Gas bombs, Flame oil, combustion bomb, Frost Bomb, Flash Bomb
Induce Eclipse for 6 minute Game time.
Hp restore, Mana restore, temporary invulnerability, Group defense bonus, Group heal bonus

These potions will bring some action to the game along with the Cosmetic gears that bring more action to game.

The 3rd house will have Cosmetic shop that has equipable items base off fisherman lvl. Basic ones and some high tier ones, but not all or most of them in the game, just a shop to show whats there.

This is the first step of complex triggering my team needs. From here, we'll work on expanding fishing area zones to the spots on the map, as well as fish types fish names fish rarity, fish drops, fish drop rate.

Any map editor that wants to participate and help our team revitalize fishing in Wc3 and turn it into an action pack game of violence and fish and grind and hack type of game, Must play the passive versions- Fishing Fun, Wsm Fishing, Go fish, all available on epicwar n other wc3 fan sites. Their work is very inspirational, except the violence is demanded in a game called, WarCraft III. Soo many users find it hard to get into just because of that, these types of fish for farming for gear and getting gear for fighting is epic.

Ill have bosses involved in 2nd area with 6 cages to sacrifice certain amount of fish to each grade of pandemic released from cage with boss fight, have epic rewards from them.
Pirate Ghost walk the earth event will be an invasion of pirate ghosts and we simply fend them off for 3 nights for rewards
Kraken Attack! Ginormous Kraken attacking the shores of the Town, objective will be to load up Outposts with Harpoons we build at the forger on dwarf island that also makes our ships and ship upgrades and cannons. during this event we shoot the kraken to death as some battle it with ships if they are strong enough

Ice dragon island, bottom right corner
Npc appears at night at midnight to 1 am only, to sell you bait to catch a fish in that pond near it to load in a cage by it to lure a Frost Dragon, then you use Harpoon&Net item you don't click me from that Npc to catch that Frost Dragon to turn it into a Mount for you to ride and fly. This is sort of an end game thing due to requiring upgradable ships to pass through the sea creatures blocking it.

Also kraken event is triggerable only via completing Quest items you find from fishing in that Ice Dragon Island
Pirate ghost even is triggerable only via completing a Quest item you find from fishing in Pirate Ghost Lagoon.
2nd Area is called Mushroom Forest, sacrafice 100 fish at the Fire pit by the Cathedral at the entrance for first cage, 200 fish for 2nd cage, 300, 400, 500, 600.

Also you must complete a Quest at near by The Mushroom Forest in the back of it, Cooking quest to trade a days meal to that Npc for Ice Hiking boots to climb up the steps you see in the map, then another steps down you don't click me at the shop right next to it- Hook Rope, to get to the outside shores.

The Frozen Rocking King Arthas Gives you a Quest to Sacrafice Fish at the Volcano for a chance to get Portal Stone to enter the Portal next to him to Travel to Dwarf island where you harvest Corn and Leak for bait for catch corn fish and leak fish at the pond there to do cooking quests for dwarfs to eat to work on your ship, speed- cannon-hull upgrades. As well as a Dive Ability for the next update to play underwater =)

This is A project but I have some work on it done, The terrain and basic fish model trigger is there. Just need months of work on it, so it would be nice to knock off some things from the list bit by bit at a time, if Any Trigger editors are willing to participate, it would be a great love for the Fishing community, Definitely naming those that participate into the creation of this map, as Fishermen in the game, and any trolls you dislike and want to make fun of, will be the fishes you catch attached with stupid twist of insult xD

So please get back to me and give me a heads up on any thoughts you may have, any questions, I tried to be detailed as I can for this.

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