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I was a big fan of the first movie, I thought it was really good movie, it had some holes in it, but it was in general a very good movie in my opinion.
When the second came out, I rushed and watched it, to see it was a dumb movie that makes no sense, just took some hot looking girls for the sex scenes, added the general idea, filled with holes and there you go, a second movie. It was a bad one.

In any way, I just finished watching the third, I wasn't expecting much, but hey, it was pretty good, awesome actually.
at first I thought it was dumb as I thought they took the concept of the "small choices can change your entire life, and those around you" to simply - Time Travel. But as it turns out. It wasn't this way.
They removed the barrier of the timing, the character (Sam) doesn't relive his memories like in the previous movies, he can just go to a certain place he thinks of at a specific time. Now it doens't explain what happens with his past self, is he being teleported over there? Was he there in the first place? Is he twice in the same place (same way as in back to the future movies)? I can't really tell.
But they add a little thing to make things harder, and that he cannot go back to the same place twice (well, he can but it is very risky) or near the same place where he already was.

Now I was a little confused about the end, since its a big spoiler, it will be hidden ;)

At first I was shocked, mainly because of the WAY he kills his sister. I was thinking about myself as I have a little sister, and I think that even if she would have been a mass murderer, I would never do that, it was just so... Brutal I guess..

But at the end, when he goes back to the pressent time, he has a little girl who burns a blonde doll on the grill. At first I thought it was just a little somthing showing that evil never rests, same way in the Freddy Krugger movies, he always seems to be alive at the end and it is not really explained....
But then I thought about this a little while, and I don't know if I am over thinking this, but here is a theory of what I think happened.

We know the house was on fire, we don't know why, but we know that the way it SHOULD be, only the sister died.
After that, we don't know exactly when, but Sam decided to try and rescue his little sister, and causing his parrents to die, doesn't mean why they die though.

Near the end, Sam realized (well, told actually) that his sister was the killer, and she killed specificly only girls he would eventually marry, if she wouldn't have killed them. And she is a "Time Traveler" also. That is a neat twist, I never thought about having more than 1, adding another is nice to the stroy. But what if there were more?
What I think happened, is that Sams daughter, who is also a time traveler, noticed that Sam's sister is a bad person, maybe she was mis-behaving and having a bad influence on the life of Sam and his family, so she decided to kill her, by burning the house. (As said, she was the only one killed in that fire) - Doesn't explain who started the fire, can she go back before the time she lived? She might have had help, maybe there are other people that can use that ability?
In any way, Sam at some point decided to save his sister, and understanding that he saved her and not the parrents, made her understand how much he loves her, she might have known about the little future girl plot, maybe she can leave notes to he past self? In Any way, the sister understood that Sam's daughter was the one who killed her, so she killed every girl he would have married or fallen in love or w/e.
But, at the end, the daughter won as Sam decided to let his sister die in the fire and make sure his parrents live, the way, he thinks, it is supposed to be. The daughter lives and satefied, burns the doll as an icon to us, that she has succeeded in her plan.

It has some holes in it, like if the girl was never burn, how was the house on fire, and what plot came first etc... But that is why time travel stuff are so awesome!

Have you seen the movies? What do you think about them? Any thoughts about the ending?

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