Conecciones' MiniCheatPack

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Re: Conecciones' MiniCheatPack

Post by alex_mmm0334 »

any one Who need a cheat pack that have:
* bonus gold and experience for every kill (unit and hero)
*+1 mana and +1 hp regen
* deactivation ability

can find it in Fukki's cheat pack : ... 24287.html
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Re: Conecciones' MiniCheatPack

Post by Vegas »

Really, a reply to a 5 year old topic? You should go look through the forum and think of a place you might be able to request a cheat pack. Read the posting rules or the mods will trash your post.
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Re: Conecciones' MiniCheatPack

Post by Kaidoz19 »

please can someone add deactivate code in this cheat pack thank you
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