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PostPosted: April 25th, 2009, 5:15 pm 

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Map Name: Bear King RPG 3.31
Map Info: an ORPG where you level up, kill bosses, find items and tier characters up, not sure what max lvl is but it's higher then 1000
Cheat: I just need JJ's Cheat pack put into the map

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PostPosted: April 27th, 2009, 5:34 pm 

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Please fix your request.

look behind you.
For real.

PostPosted: April 28th, 2009, 4:28 am 
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Yes you need to make a better request!

Read the rules,
Good post!

Map name:
Map Info: What do you do in this map?
Cheat: What do you want done
Link: Where can we get the map
Extra: Do you want anything special done?

Should use that format when posting for a request.

Done, activator -cheats<space><space>

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PostPosted: May 2nd, 2009, 6:57 pm 

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no Spoiler?

PostPosted: May 2nd, 2009, 7:09 pm 
Spice Pirate
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Black-Hole, try to include a command list on any requests you fulfill in the future.

-gold #
-lumber #
-int #
-agi #
-str #
-lvl #
-xp #
-hp #
-mp #
-ms #
-debuff (Removes buff from selected unit)
-lock (locks the trade system)
-unlock (Unlocks it)
-charges# ### (First # slot 2nd charges)
-additem # (max is about 90)
-mana (Mana stays at 100%)
-invis (makes unit invisible)
-vis (visible)
-pathoff (walkthrough walls)
-pathon (normal)
-setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-owner (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-nocd (no cooldown)
-cdon (cooldown on)
-bindup/down/left/right (IE: -bindup -kill would make it so that when you hit up it kills whatever s selected)
-clearkeys (Clears bindings)
-showkeys (Shows bindings)
-mh (Dispalys map, no server splits, hopefully)
-size #
-food #
-copy #
-fast (Hit esc when training units)
-bfast (Hit esc on building structure)
-ufast (Research is instant)(To disable one of these commands add -no to it like -noufast)
-share ##
-unshare ##
-ally ##
-unally ##
-soff (share off)
-spawn #### (List)
-ground ####
-add ####
-remove #### (removes the ability)
-g ## #### (gold)
-l ## #### (lumber)
-f ## #### (food)
-spa ## #### (Spawn unit)
-sn ## <name> (setname)
-sc ## (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-dead (Sets units animation to dead)
-birth (Sets building to being built)
-attack (Sets unit to attack)
-stand (Sets unit to stand)
-hear (You can see what everyone is saying)
-nohear (back to normal)
-kick ## <message>
-tele (sets patrol to teleport)
-note (sets it back to normal)
-reg <kill/explode/red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown> (Right-click two spots and a region will be made)
-time ## (Sets time to that hour)
-float ### ### (first #'s is height 2nd are speed)
-stop (Disable unit commands)
-resume (Enables them)
-area #### #### (First #'s are size 2nd Rawcode, then click where you want it)
-autoh ### (Autoheals by precentage)(A little buggy)
-disable (Disable -reg)
-list# (1-8 )
-cheaton ## (Turns cheats on for player specified)
-cheatoff ## (Turns cheats off for player specified)
-unit #### (Spawns specified unit at issued location)
-nounit (Disables -unit)
-act <activator> (Changes activator to whatever specifed, needs a - at the beginning)
-unitid (Shows the unit's rawcode)
-itemid (Shows the unit's item rawcode in first slot)
-destid (Shows rawcode of destructable in Reg)
-destroy (Removes selected units)
-revive (Revives dead hero and spawns at selected unit)
-addhp (Adds hp to any unit, needs to be divisable by 50)
-colors (Displays player numbers by color)
-say###### (# = hex code only 0-9 and A-F will work)(After the hex just put the text you want displayed)

xkiska wrote:
BARTIMEAUS is more understandable then u
Senethior459 wrote:
Wow, Dream Theatre reminds me of Dragonforce, but with real skill.
Ozzapoo wrote:
We laughed, we cried. Trashed.
FatherSpace: You don't find smart chicks hawt?
GeorgeMots: not anymore, im fed up with that kind of girls
FatherSpace: lol
FatherSpace: What happened?
GeorgeMots: most smart girls find out that i date/do/see other girls....
FatherSpace: ...
FatherSpace: So monogamy is your enemy?
Bartimaeus: Hmm, well, I hope my sister hasn't been kidnapped.
FatherSpace: What happened, Bart?
Bartimaeus: She walked out of the house saying that she was going over to some friends, and it's been like two hours, and my mom is trying to get a hold of her, which she's been unable to.
Bartimaeus: I can also hear three car alarms going off.
GeorgeMots: how old is she?
Bartimaeus: I haven't a clue. Probably 17.
UndeadxAssassin: wut
AbusivePie: You don't know how old your sister is?
Bartimaeus: Nope.
UndeadxAssassin: Epic fail
GeorgeMots: is she cute??
Bartimaeus: So, uh, how about you get into the Christmas spirit and put that avatar on before I do it myself and take away your bloody avatar-changin' rights?
UndeadxAssassin: If I thought of a random one...
UndeadxAssassin: Like....
UndeadxAssassin: I'll get back to you on that

PostPosted: September 11th, 2009, 2:30 pm 

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Comands Select Hero?

cuales son los comandos para escojer heroes ia ke no se chino XD

PostPosted: September 11th, 2009, 2:35 pm 
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yasnadhy wrote:
Comands Select Hero?

cuales son los comandos para escojer heroes ia ke no se chino XD

English please .

PostPosted: September 11th, 2009, 2:37 pm 
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Here's a 'bad' translation:
what are the commands, select the hero ia ke no Chinese XD

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Pew-pew, together, 2pac and I can take over the world. Muhahahahahaha.

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Kryptonyte wrote:

(23:22:14) FatherSpace: BWAHAHA
(23:22:21) FatherSpace: I am 1337, you must fear my coolness.
(23:22:51) FatherSpace: I got bored, so I made a Python script so now whenever I open Terminal, I get a random haiku from here: http://www.smalltime.com/Haiku
(23:24:12) FatherSpace: afk... Killing myself. :(

(03:52:56) ChatBot: (673237) logs into the Chat.
(03:53:08) (673237): plzplzplz, im sorry about before.
(03:53:26) FatherSpace: I'm sorry you were born.
(03:53:31) ChatBot: (673237) has been logged out (Kicked).

(21:39:14) GeorgeMots: Jen are you there?
(21:39:44) 2Pac: ...lol?
(21:39:49) 2Pac: (21:22:22) ChatBot: UndeadxAssassin has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:39:52) GeorgeMots: w00t
(21:39:54) GeorgeMots: rofl
(21:39:58) GeorgeMots: *facepalm*
(21:39:59) 2Pac: you definetly fail

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PostPosted: September 14th, 2009, 3:16 pm 

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Which are the commands to choose the heroes since this one everything with scripts ^^

use esta pagina para el ingles :D
Use this page for the Englishman :D
http://www.elmundo.es/traductor/ :lol: :lol: :twisted:

PostPosted: September 18th, 2009, 3:03 am 
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Erm...Black-Hole is the map work on 1.21 :?:
Bcz, when I select the map it just whole wc3 "Not Responding" :?

Spoiler for "Wc3 I'm using and Garena ID":
The wc3 version I'm current using:1.21,1.24b,1.24e
Garena UID-->pkyer123(BANNED for some reason LOL)
-->InfernoRock(Banned for inactive...WTF!?)

Small Sized Duck wrote:
IF someone is talking about a map they wanted cheated 17 years ago. And you bump it, you're retarded.

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