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 Post subject: The Hitman Movie
PostPosted: July 30th, 2011, 10:09 am 
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Seriously is there anything more dumber? If anyone has truely played the games (hitman 1,2,3,4) and seen the movie, he knows what I'm talking about. The movie makes no sense what so ever, the game is a rather simple concept that any noob movie maker could do great with, but no. Hollywood has to be a dick and make just another action movie with an actor that looks nothing like hitman from the game, I mean come on! If you made the bourn identety wicked, and Leon awesome, this movie should have been x10 than both of them. Hitman has few simple trademarks.
1) His a fucking clone, he wasn't born and raised in some idiotic way to be a killer. He was genetecly engineered to be the PERFECT CLONE, a killing machine.
2) He doesn't drink or fall-in-love like in the idiotic movie, in the game there is a hoe you rescue from time to time, but he never took her with her or did anything with her.
Serously, first time I saw the movie, I REFUSED to belive I saw that, 4 people aiming guns at each other, 1 says "LETS KILL EACH OTHER WITH HONOR" drop the guns and pull 2 ketanas from their backs, I mean serously W T F was that shit supposed to be? That is dumber than the BAT-CREDIT-CARD, its dumber than a BAT-CONDOM (if that exists). I re-watched the movie, saying to myself "I must remember it wrong, why would there be swords, its the quality,I didnt see good. Now Ill see whats happening" but no, they got some fucking swords for no reason.
4) No one captures agent 47, he doesnt sit and wait for them to capture him, hitman contracts, last level. Your in your house sitting with 2 loaded pistols fighting your way out, and in the cinematics he tells himself that no way he is taken down without a fight. (I managed to get out of there without killing a single person but w.e)
5) He is a SILENT ASSASSIN, he doesn't go with 2 uzis blasting the ... out of everyone, he is sent on missions, for the reason that they wont suspect a killer did it, like to make a war between triads (which are the first missions on hitman 1) or stuff like that, thats what he is famous about, thats the highest rank you can get in any level in every hitman game, a SILENT ASSASSIN, not a mass murderer. Leon killed alot of people in his movie, yet they made him look like a real pro, he doesnt go straight forward blasting every one in sight, he does it with style, so WTF is with the hitman movie.
6) Hitman isn't that emotional, I don't remember him once sparing some one due to emotion, he killed his maker with no problem, in the hitman 5 trailer he is (assuming only) going to kill Diana, the person that "knows" him best
7) He doesn't care about the politics, he sees a setup he wont be there, he likes a challange and he likes money, those are only motives (besides hitman 2 when he saves his ONLY KNOWN FRIEND, the priest that was kidnaped). So come on. How could they ... a hitman movie that bad!
8) Why the only not ALL OUT KILLS are so bad, there are few times he doesnt go and shoot every one in sight, but then he uses a sniper rifle, I mean come on, as stated above, your not supposed to even shoot, I myself got about 90% of the lvls without firing a single shot (alot of trial and error but still - the levels are designed that way) so WHY WHY WHY THE ... DID THEY ... UP MY FAVORITE GAME CHARACTER SO DUMB AND SO IDIOTIC AND ... HIM TO THE UNBLEVIED, if any one has seen the movie and played the games for real, do say what you think. TY!


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 Post subject: Re: The Hitman Movie
PostPosted: July 30th, 2011, 12:10 pm 
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Didn't feel like reading your post, but if you mean that old movie I totally agree. (Watched it like 4 years ago?) As far as I remember he was far too vulnerable, in the games he has a really cold personality. That's part of the flair and they shouldn't have dropped it.

You might enjoy the movie "Faster". It's pretty average so don't expect too much, but I really liked the antagonist who is a very perfectionist killer. And I liked Carla Gugino having a role. So just another action movie I somehow actually liked.

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