United Warcraft 3 map hacking!
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2015, 10:16 am 

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guys this guide is not full and but will be usefull for new players till lvl 4000
also im too lazy to make the guide to look good so if someone wants to make it instead of me after he sees it would be nice to help other ppl, i just have the information

first job is on lvl 900 the map is pinging on the place where u have to get ur job item with RED
and in GREEN at the place where u have to go after getting ur job item

the stats are str/agi on the items i wont write it on every item

the first zone is 1-50 lvl the one before ogres
kobold boss drops bag of gold
blue kobolds are dropping weapon 6/5
fel reavers drops potions and ring (5/5/5)
fel reaver boss drop weapon 14int for int heroes and 9/14 claw

zone with ogres is 50-100
the boss is dropping 2 weapons and recipe
recipe + weapon + drop item from the orange ogres = 70/90/75 (this is the best weapon in the lane till the boss raid boss on the top right)
the weapon is glove for inteligence heroes 36 int and hammer 26/36
boss drops mantle 32 armor

crawler drops 6agi/16int weapon

zone with bandits till town 2 is 100-200
boss bandit drops Attack Speed gloves
weapon gloves 45 int and spear 30/45

town 2 and the portal require lvl 200

zone with bears is 200-300
the bears drops weapon (12/5)
the boss is dropping moonkey (it gives 24 armor)

zone with wolves is 300-400
they drop only potions

next zonne till skelletons is 400-500
panda boss drops beer and recipe to upgrade gloves from 35% to 60% attack speed
orcs/orc riders drop 15/7 axe
orc riders drop weapon 25 int
boss Axe drops sword 62/80 and off hand totem 60 int

raid boss doom guard 400+
sword 100/133
weapon horne 120 int
armor mantle 100
medalion 166 all stats

skeletons zone 500-700
Elemental boss drops boots 216 all stats and max MS

town3 portal lvl 700-1000
Revenant boss drop recipe
spear 240/280 - 550/700 with recipe
scepter 250 int -600int with recipe
medalion 200 all stats
recipe + weapon + drop item from the rocks(1500+)

next zone 1500-3000
rocks drop item for recipe from revenant

ghosts drop weapon 260/320
black boss drops weapons staff 450 int
and 420/500 weapon
mantle 200 armor

red fel reavers boss drops shield 100 armor

spiders zone 3000+

town 4 portal 3500 lvl
air boss drops medalion 400 all stats

trolls 4000+ lvl
still dont know what the boss drops but i will find out

for question or for ppl who wants to play garena tag ivo-96

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PostPosted: July 17th, 2016, 6:10 pm 

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version in english?

PostPosted: July 25th, 2016, 8:59 pm 

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Share Link please of English Version. :D

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