[Cheated]Real life for Morons
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Author:  DeadlyLegion [ May 30th, 2007, 12:56 pm ]
Post subject:  [Cheated]Real life for Morons

Link: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/download/20 ... 201112.w3x

"-cheated by wc3edit.net" to activate cheats

(Requires no unit selection)

-mh for map hack (Does not share vis with allies)
-gold x
-lumber x
-nocd (No cooldowns)
-cdon (Cooldowns)
-mana (Use of spells costs no mana)
-nomana (Use of spells cost mana)

(Uses on all units currently selected - Best used with -mh)
NOTE: The selection trigger does not use "SyncSelections()" so it does NOT lock up units or cause errors! 

-int x
-agi x
-str x
-lvl x
-xp x
-hp x
-mp x
-ms x (Move speed)
-pathoff (Disables collision a.k.a. walk through walls/cliffs ect.)
-pathon (Opposite)

Key Bindings: Allows you to bind a command to an arrow key

-clearkeys (Clears all commands registered on arrow keys)
-bindup x (x=Command you want to bind; ie: -bindup -hp 300 --> Pressing Up Arrow Key will be as if you typed the command -hp 300)
-bindleft x (Same but with left arrow key)
-bindright x (Same but with right arrow key)
-binddown x (Same but with down arrow key)

Note: Multiple commands cannot be bound to a single key and the new command will overwrite the old

Note: As an anti-leak and multi-execution measure, if you bind a command to an arrow key and type the binding command anywhere in a chat string, the command bound will be erased and probably overridden with something you dont want.

Note: Key bindings can hold 4 different commands (One for each arrow...) for all players. Key bindings are multi-instanceable.

PS: Lol someone was nice enough to post my hacked version on epicwar, I dunno who.

Thanks to Aero for the Jass.

Author:  Bartimaeus¬≤ [ May 30th, 2007, 9:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

I have this done already... I couldn't upload it to epicwar though. It says it refuses to be uploaded, it was gay... Nicely done anyhow :P

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