DotA Allstars Unprotected Map
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Author:  Black-Hole [ August 29th, 2008, 3:07 am ]
Post subject:  DotA Allstars Unprotected Map

The goal of the "OpenDotA" project is to reconstruct a freely editable version
of the famous DotA Allstars map, due to popular demand :)

This version is NOT supposed to be played on bnet; use official version for playing instead.
It is just for allowing you to open the map in World Editor to see how it was done.
We strongly discourage mapstealing, so please use this for educational purposes ONLY.

What exactly has been done to the original map:
- recovered (listfile) for map archive;
- reconstructed editor-only files containing regions, cameras, variables and other stuff;
- map script was split into trigger sections;
- code blocks were indented for easier understanding;
- human-readable variable and function names
were restored back from crap names like "qE" where possible;
- restored object data files (units, abilities etc)
from txt/slk files ("anti-widgetizing"); see below for details
- order ids replaced with string orders
* restored unit placement in editor, unlike most of units(neutral creeps) appear when timer expires,
buildings are placed during map initialization, so they are availible in editor;
* most of functions, triggers and variables were renamed from the beginning, so there is
no sense to compare their names with names in version 6.32b;
* inlined 64 simple (kind of { return 'A000' }) functions;
* functions and triggers structure was improved, functions which use one another were merged
into functional chains, placed in it's own trigger, most used functions were added to core.

What has NOT been done:
- no GUI triggers reconstruction - as it is not always possible to do so,
and would take a lot of time even where it is possible;
- not a single change to game rules, balance or copyrights;
We did not intend to change map gameplay in any way or to "steal" it; if you launch it in game,
it will be completely identical to the original "protected" version, including credits.

This map is available in two separate downloads: with restored custom object data and without.

When saving map with restored data, be aware that you'll need to run
some kind of WTS inlining tool on it before playing,
otherwise map loading time will be insane (up to 50 minutes).

If you are using map without object data, you won't be able to view or edit
any object data in Object Editor,
however, map should save and work correctly anyway.
There's a trick that allows to access this data in editor
and still do not bother with loading times:
- Export all Units/* files from this map to [your wc3 install dir]/Units directory.
- Restart the editor and open the map: all custom map data
will now be shown by Object Editor as default.
- If you wish to edit another map, just delete those extracted files and restart
(this won't affect playability of the map in any way).

Enjoy :)

Map deprotection done by:

Version 6.41:

- listfile recovery
- name lists for global variables, triggers, category structure and functions
- full war3mapUnits.doo layer recovery
- functions inline and shuffling, improved triggers perfomance
- object data recovery
- STPD_Parse module to make routine work easier and faster

- function names, arguments and locals

Version 6.32b:

DimonT aka zibada:
- most of automatic map recovery tools

- listfile recovery tool
- name lists for global variables, triggers and functions
- object data recovery

hello.Blood aka TheBloodiest:
- trigger names, and trigger category structure

Author:  Saint724 [ January 14th, 2010, 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DotA Allstars Unprotected Map

Very nice only thing is the DotA Allstars v6.41 Open.w3x gets a error in the editor if you go to the abilities tab in the object editor..

is there a way to prevent this or is there a map know to have rostored abilities?

Author:  GeorgeMots [ January 16th, 2010, 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DotA Allstars Unprotected Map

Use jassnewgen.

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