Map Requesting Rules [2022/04/19]
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Author:  Bartimaeus [ August 8th, 2008, 3:35 am ]
Post subject:  Map Requesting Rules [2022/04/19]

For those looking to see what was updated from last time, check the edit history at the bottom of the post.

Requesting Rules:

1. Post your request in the Map Requests section!

2. Before requesting, search to see if the map has already been done with what you want. The search button is at the top right of every page. Please note: the search function automatically filters out words that are three or less characters long.

3. When requesting, include the following information:

A) Post Subject

  • Tags, [...], must be in the beginning of title of your request.
  • Map name AND version number

Use the following tags in the title, depending on what you want:

  • DA = Detect Activator
  • CP¹ = Cheatpack
  • RC = Rawcodes
  • LF² = Listfile
  • SP = Singleplayer
  • CC = Custom Command
  • FV = Fake Version
  • DP = Deprotect
  • EX³ = File Extraction
  • IN⁴ = Information
  • ED = Edit the map in a way not described by the other tags.

Each tag should be within brackets, [...], and within the SAME set of brackets. i.e. [CP+SP] DotA 6.53

¹ You can additionally specify what CP in this tag. For example: [JJ's CP+SP]. Available cheatpacks listed here. NOTE: Do not use the CC tag if you want a custom activator, as the CP tag already covers it.
² For use in manual MPQ editing. If you don't know what this means, you very likely do not need it.
³ If you want specific files to be extracted, such as models, textures, etc., this would the tag you should use.
If you're looking for information that doesn't require us to edit the map in any way, such as figuring out a secret command already in the map, use this tag.

B) Context

  • Map Link (or upload your map on our forums)
  • What you want done, (add a cheat pack, deprotect, etc.)
  • Info on what happens in singleplayer mode if you're asking for singleplayer/saving to be enabled, (refer to #4).
  • Detailed info about your custom command, if you're asking for one, (refer to #5).
  • Say what sort of rawcodes you want, (units, items, etc.), if you're asking for them.

4. If you're asking for single player to be enabled, please play the map in single player so you can tell us what happens - messages such as "Saving disabled because of singleplayer!" or "You can't play in singleplayer! *defeat message*" help immensely in locating the correct functions to change. The following are common indicators of limited/no singleplayer function:

  • Defeat/Victory message: you get a little popup box that says you won/lost, and asks you to continue/quit, or restart/reduce difficulty/quit.
  • Text message at beginning of the game: there's a text message as soon as the game begins saying, for example, you can't save in singleplayer mode.
  • Text message upon, i.e., saving: you try to do something, but you get told that you can't do it, (i.e. typing -save and being told that saving in SP isn't allowed).
  • Crash/freeze at beginning or when trying to do something: game [eventually] closes and sends you back to desktop when first starting or when you try to, i.e. save.
  • Nothing at all: nothing seems to occur, and the only thing you can tell is that whatever you're trying to do, (saving, for example), simply doesn't work.
  • Something else: none of the above happen. Please explain in detail if this occurs.

Lying about what happens is not acceptable. If you say any of these happen, and it does not actually, we will likely figure that out when fulfilling the request, and at the very least warn you, if not ban you.

5. When asking for a custom command, one such as a "-rank" command, tell us all of the information that you know. If you know what the highest rank number allowed is, or if you know it won't allow you to load a code over 2000 or something, please tell us. We unfortunately don't magically know everything about the map that you're requesting, and therefore need information. Alternatively, if the CC you're asking for has been done before, (in a previously fulfilled version of the same map, for example), link to that topic and specify what you want from it.

6. If a map is hacked and is moved to the fulfilled section, but doesn't work, then make a post in that topic saying so. If it is not replied to within 2 days, and the topic is not moved back to requests, then feel free to make a new topic.

7. Only ONE map per thread. Make additional threads for additional maps. Additionally, individual users may only have three active requests at a time, and can only make five requests per week.

8. We do not do map restoration, (see note 4 at the bottom), translation, compatibility, or name-activated only cheatpacks, or activator change requests. If you want an activator change, or another similarly minor thing done in an already fulfilled request, please explain why. Failing to do so will get your topic trashed, as well as perhaps land you a warning.

9. We do not encode activators, or otherwise obscure their true nature.

10. Only request maps that are playable in latest Warcraft III patch AND not exclusive for single platforms. Some maps will only work with a custom Warcraft III that is provided by some multiplayer platforms (RGC/M16/Russian Garena) and we will not cheat these maps.

11. Please note the map language within your request.

The following are examples of good and bad requests, respectively:

Spoiler for "Good Request":
Post Subject: [JJ's CP+CC] DotA Allstars v6.53

Map Name: DotA Allstars v6.53

Map Link: http://dota.ws/download/eng/DotA%20Allstars%20v6.53.w3x

Request: I would like you to add JJ's Cheatpack to this map, and add a -fly command, please. (-fly should put the unit's altitude to that of a normal flying unit, as well as remove collision)

Language: English

Thanks in advance to anyone who could do this!

Spoiler for "Bad Request":
Post Subject: Plzzzzz help!!!

dota have hack T^T, I want hack too. Please make bug!!!!!!11!!

Additional Notes:
1. If you have broken one or more of the rules, our moderators will try and help you correct it. Try your best to follow the rules or your request may be trashed, and you may be warned.
2. A request will be trashed if no-one has done it within 12 twelves, and if no-one was expressed interest in doing it by then. It is acceptable to re-request it - however, there's generally a reason as to why nobody does certain types of requests, so keep that in mind when reposting the same exact request.
3. Deprotection is the process of making a map openable by World Editor. It does not necessarily include the ability to save the map in World Editor, nor does it guarantee the fidelity of content in comparison to pre-protection, especially in regards to the GUI triggers, which are almost 100% of the time deleted when protected, and cannot be brought back with deprotection. That falls under restoration, which brings us to...
4. Restoration is the process of restoring data deleted by protection processes. We do not do restoration, as mentioned in rule #8. It is an exceptionally large amount of work (think in terms of months) just to restore triggers manually for one map. We consequently cannot offer it.
5. The actual map must be posted. Don't just give us part of it, like only the war3map.j, but the entire thing.
6. Don't ask people do your request in chat or other sections - it's likely they already know about it if they're the type that fulfills them, while the type that doesn't won't care.
7. We do not privately fulfill requests. That generally includes by PM - so don't bother staff members unless you're sure they'll do it!
8. If it's too much darn work, we reserve the right to trash it. We're not miracle workers. No SHDR requests! No CDR Requests! No Campaign Requests!
9. If your request is fulfilled, but doesn't appear to work for whatever reason, EXPLAIN exactly what doesn't work. Don't just say "doesn't work".
10. Vietnamese maps are prohibited from being requested at this time due to recent issues of abuse from a certain WC3 community.

Author:  Bartimaeus [ August 13th, 2013, 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Map Requesting Rules [2013/8/12]

Name-activator only requests no longer allowed, since they're just too exclusive. They can, of course, be done alongside other activators, (e.g. having both string and name activators would be O.K.).

Author:  Bartimaeus [ August 22nd, 2013, 5:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Map Requesting Rules [2013/8/22]

Addendum to rule #7: "Additionally, individual users may only have three active requests at a time, and can only make five requests per week." Those who fulfill requests don't need to worry about moderating for this if they don't want to - I only plan on using this rule for people who heavily abuse our system and make a dozen or more requests each week.

Author:  Bartimaeus [ October 29th, 2013, 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Map Requesting Rules [2013/10/29]

Note #9:
9. If your request is fulfilled, but doesn't appear to work for whatever reason, EXPLAIN exactly what doesn't work. Don't just say "doesn't work".

Author:  Bartimaeus [ January 31st, 2019, 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Map Requesting Rules [2019/01/31]

Note #10:
10. Vietnamese maps are prohibited from being requested at this time due to recent issues of abuse from a certain WC3 community.

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