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PostPosted: April 27th, 2012, 12:41 am 

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Help with Warcraft 3 cheat packs
Hi i've seen hacked map and it says activator -names,,
i want to know the cheat codes for the cheat packs like jj cp or whatever
can u give me a link or something that shows all the cheat codes for each cheat packs?
for example like -str, -modify etc... after u type in the activator thank you!

PostPosted: April 27th, 2012, 12:52 am 
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JJ's CP Commands:
Activator: -cheats(space)(space) ** Note: This may vary map-to-map
-gold #
-lumber #
-int #
-agi #
-str #
-lvl #
-xp #
-hp #
-mp #
-ms #
-debuff (Removes buff from selected unit)
-lock (locks the trade system)
-unlock (Unlocks it)
-charges# ### (First # slot 2nd charges)
-additem # (max is about 90)
-mana (Mana stays at 100%)
-invis (makes unit invisible)
-vis (visible)
-pathoff (walkthrough walls)
-pathon (normal)
-setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-owner (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-nocd (no cooldown)
-cdon (cooldown on)
-bindup/down/left/right (IE: -bindup -kill would make it so that when you hit up it kills whatever s selected)
-clearkeys (Clears bindings)
-showkeys (Shows bindings)
-mh (Dispalys map, no server splits, hopefully)
-size #
-food #
-copy #
-fast (Hit esc when training units)
-bfast (Hit esc on building structure)
-ufast (Research is instant)(To disable one of these commands add -no to it like -noufast)
-share ##
-unshare ##
-ally ##
-unally ##
-soff (share off)
-spawn #### (List)
-ground ####
-add ####
-remove #### (removes the ability)
-g ## #### (gold)
-l ## #### (lumber)
-f ## #### (food)
-spa ## #### (Spawn unit)
-sn ## <name> (setname)
-sc ## (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-dead (Sets units animation to dead)
-birth (Sets building to being built)
-attack (Sets unit to attack)
-stand (Sets unit to stand)
-hear (You can see what everyone is saying)
-nohear (back to normal)
-kick ## <message>
-tele (sets patrol to teleport)
-note (sets it back to normal)
-reg <kill/explode/red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown> (Right-click two spots and a region will be made)
-time ## (Sets time to that hour)
-float ### ### (first #'s is height 2nd are speed)
-stop (Disable unit commands)
-resume (Enables them)
-area #### #### (First #'s are size 2nd Rawcode, then click where you want it)
-autoh ### (Autoheals by precentage)(A little buggy)
-disable (Disable -reg)
-list# (1-8 )
-cheaton ## (Turns cheats on for player specified)
-cheatoff ## (Turns cheats off for player specified)
-unit #### (Spawns specified unit at issued location)
-nounit (Disables -unit)
-act <activator> (Changes activator to whatever specifed, needs a - at the beginning)
-unitid (Shows the unit's rawcode)
-itemid (Shows the unit's item rawcode in first slot)
-destid (Shows rawcode of destructable in Reg)
-destroy (Removes selected units)
-revive (Revives dead hero and spawns at selected unit)
-addhp (Adds hp to any unit, needs to be divisable by 50)
-colors (Displays player numbers by color)
-say###### (# = hex code only 0-9 and A-F will work)(After the hex just put the text you want displayed)

Fai Commands:
Only the player who first types the password will be able to use these commands.

kdc.* : kick player *, (disconnected)
kkp.* : kick player *,(kung-fu panda+server split)
kKp.* : (capital middle K) kick player*,(kung-fu panda+computer errors)
kce.* : kick player *, (computer errors)
kss.* : kick player *, (server split)
kfe.* : kick player *, (fatal error)
dc.* : diable player *'s cheats
cp.& : change password to &<3x spaces> (password sets back to default when you quit game)
us. : turn on/off Ultrasound for you. See all other players' chat strings.
*us. : turn on/off ultrasound for player*
md. : turn on/off maphack detector. (note: ml. to see detected MHers)
*md. : turn on/off maphack detector for player*

General commands (15 commands)

cl. : access Fai's command list in brief
cc. : show player colour codes
ml. : show maphackers list.
oc. : show the owner player's code of the unit you selected
ec.* : enable cheats for player *
xr.X : increase your experience rate by X%
*xr.X : increase player *'s experience rate by X%
fh.X : fly high. Set your camera height
*fh.X : fly high. Set player * camera height
go.X : add X gold to you
*go.X : add X gold to player *
lb.X : add X lumber
*lb.X : add X gold to player *
ri. : remove all items which are on ground
&ip.* : impersonate player*. In your next message(s), you will talk in player *'s name; & = how many messages in their name you will type

Special Abilities (13 commands)

rc.* : turn on/off the remote control, which allow you to control player *'s unit
*rc.* : turn on/off the remote control for player *'s (front*), allow him to control player *'s (rear*) units
tp. : turn on/off hotkey P (patrol) to teleport
*tp. : activate/deactivate tp. for player*
im. : activate/deactivate infinte mana (mp>55%)
*im. : activate/deactivate im. for player *
rf. : turn on/off hotkey H(hold position) to refresh spells
*rf. : activate/deactivate rf. for player *
mh. : activate/deactivate maphack for you yourself only.
*mh. : activate/deactivate mh. for player *
te.* : add/remove the tertiary eye, to see player *'s units including invisible units
*te.* : add/remove the tertiary eye for player *'s (front*) to see player *'s (rear*)'s units.
da. : deactivate all abilities which activated by you

Combinations of these commands work: tp. mh. rf. im. te. md. us. fh. rc.

Examples: mhtprf. 23tprfim. alltpim. 23456tpmhus. mhtpfh.300 23456mhtemd.all rcte.! etc.

Modifying Units (26 commands)

These commands work on the unit(s) you've selected! X = a number. X could be negative: -X

pt. : pause unit timed life
rt. : resume timed life
si. : set unit size by %
sp.X : add X skill points
sp. : remove all skill points
ms.X : add up X movement speed (doesn't stacked)
ms. : set unit's movement speed back to default
lv.X : set hero level to X (will not have flash light when level up)
Lv.X : set hero level to X (will have flash light
hp.X : set hit point to X
hp.. : kill selected unit(s)
ah.X : add X hit points
mp.X : set mana point to X
am.X : add X mana point
iv. : invulnerable
vl. : vulnerable
xp.X : add X experience points.
ow.* : set * as unit's owner.
cu.X : copy unit. (ie. reproduce the unit for X time)
cu : type this command to remove all units which are copied not longer than 10 seconds before.
Ru. : Remove selected units.
as.X : add X points to hero's stats. (ie. +str +agi +int)
st.X : add strength by X amount
ag.X : add agility by X amount
in.X : add inteligence by X amount

Notes: st. ag. or in. can be combined in pairs.
Examples: stag. agin. inst. agst. inst. ETC

pu.X : power up! add stats by X; add movement speed by 3X (doesn't stack); add magic resistance(frostwyrm skull 33%); add attack speed (glove of haste 15%)

Note: If no value is inserted, X will be set to 5; Use -X or 0 to diable those invisible items, set movement speed back to normal and reduce stats

Items & Invisible Items (8 commands)

Require Unit(s) Selection

ai.(names) : add an invisible item
di.(names) : disable an invisible item or real item
ai.all : add all invisible items
di.all : disable all invisible items or real item

Names for invisible items:
ad : attack damage +20 (claw of attack)
as : attack speed +15% (glove of haste)
am : armor +10 (Ring of protection)
mr : magic resistance 33% (Frostwyrm Skull)

Examples: "ai.ad", "ai.mr" "ai.ammr", "ai."asad", "ai.adasammr", "di.mram", "di.asad" etc.

ic.X : set item's charges. Put your item on the bottom-left inventory slot to set charges.
&ic.X : set item's charges, for the item in slot &(1-6)
ci.X : copy item X times from the top-left inventory slot
&ci.X : copy item X time from slot &(1-6)

Multiple slot numbers could be put in one command. Type "all" in front of the command to represent all slots.

Examples: "34ci." "01234ic.5" "allci.5" "allic.10"

Regeneration Buffs (4 commands)

Select a unit or a group of units before you use the following command!

X could be decimal. X could have 6 more digits after the dot. (ie. 0.123456)

rg.X : add a regeneration buff, X hp & X mp regeneration per second (stackable)
hr.X : add a regeneration buff, X hp regeneration per second (stackable)
mr.X : add a regeneration buff, X mp regeneration per second (stackable)
rb. : remove all cheated buffs added by you

Key Bindings (29 commands)

tm.X : Timer. Wait for X seconds. Use the timer to stop the next bound command to be executed for a short duration (see examples)
es& : bind command string& to ESC key. Thus command& can be executed by pressing your ESC key
*es& : activate es& for player*
es. : clear your es keys
es.* : clear player*'s es keys
mo& : bind command string& to MOVE button. (ie. hotkey M)
*mo& : activate mo& for player*
mo. : clear your mo keys
mo.* : clear player*'s mo keys
du& : bind command string& to Down+Up arrow keys.
*du& : activate du& for player*
du. : clear your du keys
du.* : clear player*'s du keys
lr& : bind command string& to Left+Right arrow keys.
*lr& : activate lr& for player*
lr. : clear your lr keys
lr.* : clear player*'s lr keys
ck. : clear all of your keys
ck.* : clear all of player*'s keys
sk. : show all of your bound keys
sk.es : show your bound es keys
sk.mo : show your bound mo keys
sk.du : show your bound du keys
sk.lr : show your bound lr keys
sk.* : show all of player* bound keys
sk.*es : show player* bound es keys
sk.*mo : show player* bound mo keys
sk.*du : show player* bound du keys
sk.*lr : show player* bound lr keys

NOTE: multiple player codes work in key binding commands. Thus you can "234esgo.500" or "ck.all" etc. Doesn't work on sk, though.

1) Type "es23456go.500" and "es23456lb.500" and you may now give 500 gold and lumber to player 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 by pressing ESC key.
2) Type "4esgo.500", now Player 4 may get 500 gold by pressing ESC key

Commands that doesn't work on key bindings: rg. hr. mr. es mo lr du es. mo. lr. du.

SGGuy Commands:
Type the password to enable escape key function, (see the topic). Once the password is typed, replays will be disabled. Escape will bring up the cheat menu. Also, type the password again to disable the escape function, (but any cheats you enable will still function)

<Gold Rate> (+25% +50% +75%)
<Lumber Rate> (+25% +50% +75%)
<Exp Rate> (+9% +18% +27%)
<Fly High> (Bird Aeroplane Jet)
<Ultra Sound> (see all players' chat message)
<Tertiary Eye> (see all units, including invisible units, illusions, etc.)
<Almighty Hand> (control all units)
<Kick> (Kick a player, player remains AFK status to other players)
<Nasty Kick> (Kick a player, player remains AFK status to other players, The nasty picture will pop up on the player screen if only the goatse-pwned2.tga file is inserted)
<Wtf Cooldown> (set spells cooldown to 1.0 second)
<Wtf Patrol> (set patrol to teleport, hotkey is P)
<Wtf Mana> (set mp always greater than 55%)

Aero's Commands
-cheated by wc3edit.net
-clearkeys : cancel all binded keys
-bindup Y : bind arrow key up as string Y
-binddown Y : bind arrow key down as string Y
-bindleft Y : bind arrow key left as string Y
-bindright Y : bind arrow key right as string Y
-mh : turn on maphack
-mhoff : turn off maphack
-gold X : add X gold
-resetcam : reset to game camera
-lumber X : add X lumber
-pgold ## X : give player ## an X amount of gold
-pwood ## X : give player ## an X amount of wood (see NOTE below)

-cunit ## @@@@@@ xxxxxx yyyyyy : create unit @@@@@@(unit id) for player ## on coordinate xxxxxx yyyyyy.
Use it with -showid and -unitloc

-where @@@@@@ @@@@@@: show ping on minimap for location code @@@@@@@
-mana : infinite mana
-nomana :turn of infinite mana
-nocd : no cooldown
-cdon : cooldown on
-showkeys : show the information about binded keys
-locktrade : lock resourse trade
-unlocktrade : unlock resourse trade
-setname X: set your name to X
-clearitems : remove all items on flour
-setcolor : set your desire colour

Color lists: red, blue, teal, purple, yellow, orange, green, pink, gray, lb, dg, brown

player codes ## are 00 red, 01blue,02teal,03purple, 04yellow, 05orange,
06green, 07pink, 08gray, 09lb, 10dg, 11brown

Require Unit selections
-unitloc : show the unit location (use with -cunit)
-showid show the unit id (use with -cunit)
-int X: set intelegence
-str X: set strength
-agi X: set agility
-lvl X :set level
-addlvl : level up
-downlvl : level down
-xp X: set experience
-rf : refresh spells cooldown
-copy : duplicate the selected unit
-cown ##: set selected unit owner ##
-hp : set hitpoints
-mp : set mana points
-invul : invulnerable
-vul : vulnerable
-kill : kill selected unit
-nofood : selected unit does not use food
-usefood : set it back to normal
-playdead : dead animation
-pause : pause the unit
-unpause : unpause it
-ms : set movement speed
-resetms : set movement speed to default
-pathoff : walks through everythings
-pathon : back to normal
-size X: set size
-fly : unit can fly
-resetfly : back to normal
-ghost X: set unit colour visibility. 0 = completely unseeable.
-debuff : remove all buffs
-charges x y : set charges y for item of slot x

These are the most commonly used ones.

PostPosted: May 17th, 2013, 6:18 pm 
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SSGuy and fai's cheat activator i really don't get it! :(

PostPosted: May 18th, 2013, 4:54 am 
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astralkill00 wrote:
SSGuy and fai's cheat activator i really don't get it! :(

SgguyCP is a cheat menu, you just activate the cheat menu with string activator and click buttons to activate cheats
FaiCP use a cheat command, followed by "."
For example md. us.
You can use cheat on others, 12345go.10000 will give player 12345 10000gold

PostPosted: May 24th, 2014, 2:52 am 

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I still don't understand Fai's cheatpack. I tried "hp.." when selected on a unit and nothing happened.

PostPosted: May 26th, 2014, 2:05 am 
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you can look at them here. deprotection-cheating-f64/cheat-packs-available-on-our-site-t5134.html

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