United Warcraft 3 map hacking!
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 Post subject: Re: [CC+ RC] HM RPG 6.46
PostPosted: April 27th, 2017, 3:22 am 

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Since devoltz was kind enough to give you cleaned rawcodes, you can search for the items yourself.

    Raid Legendaries (Boss drop)
  1. Storm Hill: Glacial Shield [same as +4 Frozen Cloak]
  2. Screaming Cavern: Sword of Surprise
  3. Blackrock Mountain: Hammer of Earth
  4. Core of the Storm: Glacial Spear [same as +4 Aqua Blade]
  5. Pit of Saron: Frost Fragments
  6. Startholme: Sword of Magic
  7. Devil's Mansion: Heart of Emptiness [same as +4 Battle Power]
  8. Devil's Mansion: Mask of the Dead [same as +4 Battle Helm]
  9. Horde of Madness: Sword of Slaughter
  10. The Alliance: Sword of Judgment
  11. Ancient Ruins: Abandoned Sword

    Impossible Legendaries (Miniboss drop; questionable whether good)
  1. Hell Keeper: Spear of Destruction
  2. Azjol-Nerub: Nerubian Shield
  3. Wild Field: Wild Scythe
  4. Tempest Keep: Sunfury Ring
  5. Sentinel Temple: Sentinel Sword (Not sure how it drops but I believe it's from minions)
  6. Naxxramas: Ring of Naxxramus (Not sure how it drops and if I remember right, you can't drop this after looting it...)
  7. Crystal Throne: Malygos' Ice Sword (Boss drop)
Note: Recipes from Sentinel Temple, Naxxramas, and Crystal Throne don't work. Those items out you as a cheater.

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