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PostPosted: February 9th, 2020, 2:12 pm 

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Hey guys,

can somebody add a cp where stats can be edited? i tried JCCP but after changing it immediately changes back to the one it was before
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xLmdp ... 2gZl6VWYI8

many thanks

PostPosted: February 10th, 2020, 3:43 am 

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Activator : -easymode

link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Hjp1n ... 3rlevxSn7Z

PostPosted: February 10th, 2020, 6:51 am 
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Try Fukki's CP, you can edits other stats like HP/EXP/Crit//DMG... ( Esc to open Menu )

- Gold Rate (add your gold when you gain it)
- Lumber Rate (add your lumber when you gain it)
- Exp Rate (add your unit exp when you gain it)
- HP Rate (add HP to all your unit)
- Return Damage (return damage when your unit get damage - all damage)
- Blocking Damage (blocking damage when your unit get damage - all damage)
- Attack Damage (add normal attack damage when you attack - normal attack)
Attack Damage: Critical Damage(set critical damage)
Attack Damage : Critical Chance(set critical chance)
- Skill Damage (add skill damage when you use skill - skill)
Skill Damage: Critical Damage (set critical damage)
Skill Damage: Critical Chance(set critical chance)
- CP Manager
CP Manager: Disable (disable your CP)
CP Manager: CP Key (set new active CP)
CP Manager: Menu Key (set new Menu Key)
CP Manager: Active Player (set active/disable CP to player)
CP Manager: Share Option (set/enable/disable CP option to player)
CP Manager: Map Replay (disable replay)

- Steal HP (auto heal hp when target get damage - normal attack)
- Steal Mana (auto heal mana and destroy when target get damange - normal attack)
- Teleport (press P and click to location)
- No cooldown (auto reset cooldown or press H to reset it)
- No Mana (auto reset mana to 100% or press H to reset it)
- Hearing (you can see all player talk in game)
- Tertiary Eye (you can see all unit and invisible unit)
- Share Control (you can control your friend in game)
- Kick Player (kick player in select - fatal kick)

- MH Detect (detect hack map player)
- MH List (show MH detect list from MH Detect)
- Fast Build (fast build when you cancel it)
- Fast Training (fast training when you cancel it)
- Fast Research (fast research when you research it)
- No Use Food (auto reset food to 0 when you train unit)
- No Use Gold (gold not decrease)
- No Use Lumber (lumber not decrease)
- Float Camera (set camera high)

- HP Regeneration(set Unit Regen ##/sec)
- MP Regeneration(set Unit Regen ##/sec)
- Dispel Attack(remove buff from target - normal attack)
- Auto Debuff(auto remove negative buff)
- Hack Map(open fog)
- Stop Attack(other player can't attack you)
- No Limit Item(item not decrease when use)
- Ping Tools(ping any to do you want)

Ping Tools: Format for use
xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx return to center of rect
xxx,xxx return to location
XXXX (Item ID) return to item on the ground
XXXX (Unit ID) return to unit in map
1234567890!@#$%^ return to player in map
XXXXXXXXXXXX (Item ID or Unit ID) multiple ping item or unit
12345 multiple ping location player 1 2 3 4 5

Active CP: -wc3edit
Active Menu: E
you can change it in config
L = Arrow Left
R = Arrow Right
U = Arrow UP
D = Arrow Down
Key Set:
call SaveStr(fhact[0],0,3,"E")
call SaveStr(fhact[0],0,4,"L")
call SaveStr(fhact[0],0,5,"R")
call SaveStr(fhact[0],0,6,"U")
call SaveStr(fhact[0],0,7,"D")
Active CP/Menu - String/Arrow:
true = String Mode / false = Arrow Mode
call Fukki_CheatActive(true,"-wc3edit")
call Fukki_MenuActive(false, "E")
Name Active CP:
call Fukki_ActiveName("[F]uk[K]i]-")
when you need to use multiple name copy this line again and replace new name
call Fukki_ActiveName("[F]uk[K]i]-")
call Fukki_ActiveName("FukKi")
call Fukki_ActiveName("...Other name")


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