United Warcraft 3 map hacking!
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PostPosted: July 14th, 2017, 10:17 am 
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For example, HKE CheatPack variables (I mean all except local ones, but including functions) have:
function hke_Z64 takes real hke_Z74,location hke_Z84 returns group
set hke_Z14=CreateGroup()
call GroupEnumUnitsInRangeOfLoc(hke_Z14,hke_Z84,hke_Z74,hke_Z34)
return hke_Z14
function hke_Z94 takes player hke_zZ4 returns group
set hke_Z14=CreateGroup()
call GroupEnumUnitsOfPlayer(hke_Z14,hke_zZ4,hke_Z34)
return hke_Z14
function hke_zz4 takes player hke_zZ4,integer hke_z04 returns group
set hke_Z14=CreateGroup()
set bj_groupEnumTypeId=hke_z04
call GroupEnumUnitsOfPlayer(hke_Z14,hke_zZ4,filterGetUnitsOfPlayerAndTypeId)
return hke_Z14

*It gives lesser chance to have variables conflict to your pre - CP insertion state of war3map.j

Also, easier labels, eh?

I'm guessing they just mass find and replace prefixes, udg_ and trig_ etc...


It works for WE generated variables, but what for those cheats (most often it'll just contain 1 character variable, the released maps by original mapmakers, as they use protection apps e.g. vexorian's compress name)

Ok, I've also thought people might say... why don't you just use deobsfucate tool for CP (codes to be inserted) to avoid conflict for protected maps?
Yes, I use that... but it gives possibilities to not work (getting that fails very recently & main reason I'm posting this). Not the same as having a renamer-for-variables-button* in a program, yes?

Any process/app for cheaters like us that does exactly like that* needed task, please?

PostPosted: July 14th, 2017, 4:59 pm 
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The hke cheatpack seems generated. I believe it's similar to vexorian, and the optimizer function for the korean I1I11I11I or the one that renames variables to o0o0o0o0oo.
hke variable looks custom made. So you're wondering why it's so impressive.
But actually, vexorian works the same, you just have to optimize the cheatpack only, and insert it into a map full of udg_ and trig_.
So I doubt anyone would release the custom made one for hke, and the korean one is pretty hard to find.
with that said, you're left with ExtProtect, since vexorian is not very impressive to you.

PostPosted: July 16th, 2017, 11:22 am 
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There are 2 ways I use to not have a conflict between CPs and Maps.
1) Optimize the map before you input the CP.
2) Rename the variables and function names and have a CP with few extra characters.
Many tools can do that for you (sort of) I use notepad++.
You find a varible like s2s > CTRL+F > Replace > zzzS2Szzz >

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