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PostPosted: March 1st, 2008, 4:01 am 
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Title: Angry Bird
Please note that this cheat menu is not fully supported by us, and we may not be able to offer assistance on any problems you run into.

SgGuy Cheat Menu [Renewed]

Written by InitialD with SgGuy's template

Major Changes:
1. Completely JASS
2. Cheat functions run 10 times smoother
3. Memory leaking reduced by 50%-80%
4. Additional, new and unique cheats: (WTF Patrol, Tertiary Eye and Almighty Hand)
5. Pack size reduced by 40% (from 43.2kb to 24.9kb)
6. Cheats can be used in every maps
7. .wts editing circumvented

Cheats Available:
Spoiler for Cheats Available":
Type the password to enable escape key function. Now, press escape key to bring up the menu. You can type the password again to disable the escape key function, (cheats will still be running, though).

Activator: (check the attachments at the end of the post!)
<Gold Rate> (+25% +50% +75%)
<Lumber Rate> (+25% +50% +75%)
<Exp Rate> (+9% +18% +27%)
<Fly High> (Bird Aeroplane Jet)
<Ultra Sound> (see all players' chat message)
<Tertiary Eye> (see all units, including invisible units, illusions, etc.)
<Almighty Hand> (control all units)
<Kick> (Kick a player, player remains AFK status to other players)
<Nasty Kick> (Kick a player, player remains AFK status to other players, The nasty picture will pop up on the player screen if only the goatse-pwned2.tga file is inserted)
<Wtf Cooldown> (set spells cooldown to 1.0 second)
<Wtf Patrol> (set patrol to teleport, hotkey is P)
<Wtf Mana> (set mp always greater than 55%)

NOTE: Activating the cheats will disable replays.

Aero for advice.
Georgemots for sharing the original coding written by SgGuy.
ZaXTheAlien for beta-testing
Ken for updating it so that it works on DotA.

Special thanks to my fan and supporter, AhBee. Without his support I probably wouldn't be able to do anything with JASS.

Spoiler for "Tutorial":
A) What is the Sg_Guy's Cheat Menu:

Cheat menu was originally written by Sg_Guy. It's originally an automated cheat system made for DotA and DotA only. It's based on GUI with a lot of BJ function.
Georgemots first saw the script for the cheat menu on SecureGamers and then further on introduced this cheat pack to us. InitialD took a further step on it later, fixed some bugs, rewrote it with pure JASS. Now it works on all maps, not only DotA.
With the cheat menu, one doesn't need to type any cheat command. By pressing ESC button and set up some things, the cheats would be running on, automatically.

B) In Before We start inserting it into your map:

I will assume you have already known how to put cheat packs into a wc3 maps. If you don't, please read some tutorials written by Dekar , Aero , or JJ etc.. regarding how to insert a cheat pack into a map.

Chapter 1 - Inserting the Sg_guy's cheat menu into your map:

A) Inserting this unique cheat pack into the .j file:

Firstly, download the .txt file, which I uploaded.

Now, inserting the SgGuy menu is just like inserting other cheat packs. Open the file menu with JASSCRAFT or notepad, you would see that there are 3 parts, just as other cheat packs.

globals , endglobals, function main. Since you have already known how to insert these 3 parts by reading some other tutorials, I will not repeat it here.

Yet there are some things that I want to point out.

For the coded which are supposed to be put under function main, make sure you put them after locals.

After all done, check it out by pressing f9 (syntax checker) in JASSCraft to see if you have made any syntax errors. If you haven't, you may continue. Notice that some maps might already have syntax errors before you put the pack in. In that case, you just need to make sure that you didn't make any EXTRA errors after you put the pack in.

B) Inserting the Nasty Picture, or not.

What I mean by the Nasty Picture is the Warcraft 3 imported file: goatse-pwned2.tga. You will have to decide whether you wanna to insert it or not. Without this file, the nasty-kick command will become an ordinary kick (ie.fatal error for that player). Somehow, if you have inserted this file properly, the player you kicked will have this nasty picture on their screen after you have kicked him! LoL

To insert this file, create a new folder in the map (Using MPQMaster) and name it "war3mapImported". (Note: You do not have to do this if there is already a folder named that!) You have to name it EXACTLY that. If you do not, then the file cannot be activated.

Now, select that folder from the sidebar or double click it in the menu box. When you're in there, you should see nothing (Or something if it was there originally).

Go to "Operation" on the top bar and click "Add file(s)". Search for the nasty picture tga file and then press open. If done correctly, it should be imported successfully.

Congratulations! You may now imagine how they will be surprised when they see that nasty thing. Or they may go get you and slap you on your face. LoL!!!

C) Now we need to compact your map:

This is an important part. Do not be lazy and let your map un-compact!

Just use the flush command in the MPQmaster. If it doesn't work, it could be because you have put the MPQmaster on the desktop. Put it somewhere else, drive C or drive D would be fine. If the map size still doesn't go down, well, you would need to try WinMPQ.

If you succeeded, the cheat menu will only take about 0.01 MB.
Congratulations, now you test your map. If it doesn't work. Congra-fucking-tulations, you have made mistakes. (kidding,lol) Get some help then.

D) Adding one more pack into your map:

This cheat menu works fine with other cheat packs as well. After inserting the menu, you may insert another cheat pack such as Fai's cp, Aero's cp.

Chapter 2 - Editing the Menu:

A) Let's edit the EXP rate:

Since it's the easiest, let's do this first. lol Using the search function on JASSCRAFT, search for: SetPlayerHandicapXP

Now you should see something like this:

call SetPlayerHandicapXP(GetTriggerPlayer(),I2R(u7g_mnEx)*0.09+1)

The number 0.09 represents 9% bonus for each level of the buttons. Now you may just edit it by just rewriting it into the percentage you want.

Example: Rewrite it to 0.15 would set the EXP rate to +15%, +30%,and +45%.
Well if you still don't understand this simple maths, turn back now. You are not supposed to do any edition on the pack. (kidding!) :p

All right, after that, search for "9%". You will now see some strings. "Normal","9%","18%" and "27%".
Those are strings that will be displayed on the menu. You got to edit them accordingly.

B) Now, let's edit the cheat activation code (ie the password)

It's another easy stuff, anybody who has IQ greater than 50 can do this. Search for "AMH7". Right below it you can see the current passwords. There are 12 passwords in total. Edit all of them to the password you want.

C) Now, let's edit the gold/lumber bonus rate:

Now, search for"function GoldConD". Now, just a few lines below you will see something like this:

local integer u7g_goldwhee=u7g_ss9+u7g_ft7/4))

All right, u7g_ft7/4 means 100% bonus devided by 4. Well if you cant do this maths, you may stop editing it now. 100%/4 means 25%. That's why the current gold rate are +25%,+50%,+75%. All right, now you can edit it a bit to set the gold rate you want.

Eg. u7g_ft7/3 = 100%/3 =33% gold bonus per level = +33%, +66%, +100%.

Eg. u7g_ft7*22/100=100% x 22/100= 22% gold bonus.

All right, after that, search for "Sg_Gold_Dialog_Actions". You will now see some strings just a few lines below: "Normal","25%","50%" and "75%".
Those are strings that are displayed on the menu. You got to edit them accordingly.

To edit lumber rate, just search for "function LumBConD" and you will see the following line:

call SetPlayerState(u7g_pp9,PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_LUMBER,(u7g_ss9+u7g_ft7/4))

Edit u7g_ft7/4 accordingly. Just the same way you edit the gold rate.

To edit strings that displayed on the menu, search "Sg_Lumber_Dialog_Actions".

D) Now, let's edit the ESC activating button:

Ok, search for "END_CINEMATIC".
Now you will see the whole line as following:
call TriggerRegisterPlayerEvent(gg_trg_Main_Dialog,GetTriggerPlayer(),EVENT_PLAYER_END_CINEMATIC)

Delete EVENT_PLAYER_END_CINEMATIC. Remember, you don't delete more or less characters. Make sure you didn't delete the comma "," and the bracket ")".

All right, now you may replace it with one of the code below to change your button accordingly.

Change to DOWN arrow as following:

Change to LEFT arrow as following:

Change to RIGHT arrow as following:

Change to UP arrow as following:


Well, that's all. I honestly hope that this tutorial will help you guys. Hopefully you guys will learn some things from it.

NOTE: If I have made any mistakes on the above tutorial, feel free to point it out. :) Have fun.

NOTE: You may use this pack in whatever way as you like. It's okay if you don't credit SgGuy or me, (InitialD). Just don't claim it as yours!

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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