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PostPosted: January 2nd, 2019, 7:33 pm 

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After going through all the topics, i thought this was the most appropriate place to post other than the deprotection/cheating section.

I've been going through fai cheatpack but i don't understand why there are 3 spaces infront of the activator for fai.

From fai's cheatpack (the one at http://forum.wc3edit.net/deprotection-c ... t5152.html), the activator is lIlIIllIll<3xspace> (stated on the website). However, i found the activator in the cheat pack to not have spaces as shown in the code below.

set vfai_col7[12]="lIlIIllIll"

After doing a quick search, i find these lines within the same function.

set vfai_i3=StringLength(vfai_col7[12])
if SubString(vfai_s5,0,vfai_i3)==vfai_col7[12]and SubString(vfai_s5,vfai_i3+3,vfai_i3+4)==""then
if vfai_ahbee[vfai_j7]<1then
if vfai_ahbee[12]!=2then
set vfai_ahbee[12]=2
set vfai_col7[vfai_j7+13]="k??.  cp.  us.  md.  dc.  "
set vfai_ahbee[133]=vfai_j7
call DoNotSaveReplay()
set vfai_i3=0
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_i3+37]=0
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_i3+49]=6
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_i3+85]=12
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_i3+97]=18
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_i3+137]=2
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_i3+150]=2
exitwhen vfai_i3>10
set vfai_i3=vfai_i3+1
call TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(BeE,vfai_p7,".",vfai_bl6)
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_j7+13]=1
call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(vfai_p7,0,0.25,5,"|cff00BFFFYou|r are loved by |cffff0000Fai|r")
set vfai_ahbee[vfai_j7]=1
set vfai_p7=null
return false

I'm more interested in this section, which is the only section that uses the activator.

set vfai_i3=StringLength(vfai_col7[12])
if SubString(vfai_s5,0,vfai_i3)==vfai_col7[12]and SubString(vfai_s5,vfai_i3+3,vfai_i3+4)==""then

This is my interpretation of the section. The first part that has the first substring, detects from position 0 to 10 of the message sent by the player for the activator. The second part that has the second substring detects position 13th to 14th, for absolutely nothing. Since position 10 to 12 has absolutely nothing, they automatically become spaces. As a result, we need to put 3 spaces after our activator?


If the image doesn't show and what i just said can't be understood, please do download/view the image to somewhat help with the understanding. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bc8wre ... sp=sharing

If what i'm saying is really perplexing, i don't mind if any kind souls dont use this to reply and just tell me what i want to know.
What i want to know is why the activator has 3 spaces after it even thought there isn't any when declared in the code below

set vfai_col7[12]="lIlIIllIll"

If this isn't too troubling and if at least most cheatpacks on this site share a common way of activating cheat/making the player a cheater, i also want to know which function(s) is responsible for doing the mentioned task. Is it the functions below? (I took that code from JJCP)

call DisplayTextToForce(CHEATER,GetPlayerName(p2p))
call ForceAddPlayer(CHEATER,p2p)
call TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(CHEATS,p2p,"-",false)

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